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now you see it, now you don't: .wmf file in Frame, but not in PDF???

Hi crew --

Another item in the "it worked fine last time" list...

We have a color .wmf file on page 3. It consists of two color images, 
two boxes around the images, and text. (We use .wmf because it 
scales well -- the text is always legible -- and it will not get rejected 
by the winhelp compiler.) I can see the thing just fine when I'm looking 
at the .fm file. But in the PDF, it goes whacko: you see the whole 
thing for a fraction of a second, and then the color images disappear, 
and you can see only the two boxes and the text. Printing from the 
.fm file, you get the complete picture. Printing from the PDF, you get 
the boxes and the text, no color images. 

I'm using the same .fm to .pdf procedure we've always used.... 
what could cause this??? 

confused in chicagoland,


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