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RE: "Unavailable" Fonts

There is a very good reason to provide a preferences setting for
whether or not to remember missing font names.

As we've all seen, most of the time we want to make the names 
of unavailable fonts go away so that we aren't continually plagued
by warning messages when we open the affected files. 

But consider the case when someone else, such as a client, sends
you a FrameMaker file to work on which uses fonts that you do not
have installed on your system. If you've set FrameMaker to not
remember missing font names, it will permanently replace all
unavailable fonts with some "appropriate" substitute font that is
installed on your system. When you send the file back to your
client, the first thing they see is that you've corrupted their file by
clobbering their carefully chosen fonts. On the other hand, if you 
set FrameMaker to remember the names, the font substitution 
does *not* affect the file itself--it only affects how you see it on 
your system by using substituted fonts during the current editing 

Does this preference item make more sense to you now?
My opinions only; I don't speak for Dialogic or Intel...
Fred Ridder (Fred.Ridder@Dialogic.com)
Senior Publishing System Analyst
Dialogic, an Intel company
Parsippany, NJ

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<much snippage> 

> Until these recent posts, I had no idea that Frame had a "Preference" as
> "set Frame not to remember missing fonts".
> Learning this caused a mixture of "Aaahh" , "What the *&^%%$ is that
> and "HOW do you set this???". I have to report that I searched the FM help
> fruitlessly (as usual):
> neither "font" nor "missing" yielded anything. I probably should have
> for "Preferences", but if I knew that I wouldn't be searching the help.
> Could have fired off a plea to the list for help, but decided to find it
> The first place I looked was File, then Preferences. Must have good
> But can anyone give us one good reason for this setting to exist?
> Christopher Knight, Technical Communicator
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> Phone: (604) 877-0074

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