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Re: Running Footers Question

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From: "Becky Roberts" <becky_bee@hotmail.com>
> Help! I have several documents that have shared chapters. I would like to 
> have the name of the manual print in my footer for all my books. However, 
> when I try to bring in a chapter that was originally in another book, how do 
> I change the footer for the new chapter so that it picks up the footer for 
> the book it was brought into.

Two possible solutions:

1. Define your footer as a cross-reference to the file containing
   the name of the manual. This assumes all the books have the
   same name for this file, so you don't have to change the
   cross-ref. A disadvantage is that the cross-ref becomes an
   active link on every page when you convert to PDF.

2. Define your footer as a variable, containing the name of the
   manual. All books must use the same variable name for this
   to work. Then import variable definitions from one file to
   the rest of the book (you do this from the book file window).
   A disadvantage is that you have to remember changing the
   variable when the name of the manual change, apart from the
   title text on the cover. (You could make the title text use
   the same variable to avoid this.)

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