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OT: Question on What You Want in Single Sourcing Classes

***Delete this message if you aren't interested in single-sourcing

Hi all

We're in the process of revamping our single-sourcing courses for spring and
want to put together something that is appropriate for those of you out
there struggling to create a single source system for your organization.

We know that the ultimate approach is using a database approach with XML or
SGML. However, our specialty is working with companies who can't afford to
go the full route, but still want to produce their documents more
efficiently (kind of a single-sourcing on a budget approach).

My questions are:

If you could design a single-sourcing class that *didn't* focus on XML/SGML
    **What topics would you want to include?
    **How long would the class be?
    **How much would you want to spend?
    **How would you want to learn the information (online, in a classroom,
private coaching, whatever)

Thank you in advance for your input--and please let me know what I can do to
help you in return.

P.S.--We're having a free "Single and Loving It For Managers" seminar in
February. This seminar focuses on the benefits of single-sourcing on the
bottom line. If you know of someone who would be interested, please let us
know and we'll put him/her on our mailing list. FYI: The location is
Indianapolis, IN, the date is to be announced.

Looking forward to serving you

Jerilynne Sander, FrameMaker A.C.E.
Simply Written, Inc.
Check our website for information on what you need to do *before* you pick
your single-sourcing tools
Next single-sourcing class is in January 2001

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