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Re: Off Topic: PDAs

Hello Framers,

I was asked to provide a summary of the responses I received on this topic.
Just for the record, I've decided to purchase the Palm IIIxe. There is a $50
rebate for units purchased through January 19, 2001.
First of all, the Palm brand is the most reliable and has the best service.
Second, I have used the III, Vx, and IIIxe. All Palms are alike, except for
memory capacity. The Vx and IIIxe, with their 8 megabytes of memory,
provide excellent capacity if, like me, you like to try a lot of
applications or to put together your own applications. In truth, the 2 Mb
models are perfectly adequate IF you only intend to maintain a modest
address list (say, under 500 entries), have only a few Date Book entries
per day, without keeping all past entries on the device, and have only a
modest number of Memos, To-Dos, and Expense entries, AND you have no other
applications, such as database programs, special calculators, and
text-converted articles, documents, and books. I would say that all other
issues being equal, the Palm Vx is the best bet. It is smaller and slimmer
than the III series and feels more solid. It can hold as much as you can
possibly conceive of putting in it. It has a brighter screen than the IIIs
(though the IIIs are supposed to be as bright as the Vs now, but
subjectively, they ain't). An alternative, if you already have a III or a
V, is to send it out for a memory upgrade to 8 Mb. The STNE Corp. upgrade
is probably more stable than the memory provided by Palm itself.

I would also point out the Handspring Visor products. They have a different
peripheral attachment setup, but only one form factor, which is attractive,
but not as sturdy in my opinion. There is, of course, no difference
whatever in on-screen functionality.

Few reviews of the Palm OS, in my opinion, give adequate deference to the
Palm Desktop utility that accompanies the gizmos. It is excellent for a
simple PIM, and it can supplant other, more complex PIM products, obviating
the need for translation software if one wants to synchronize with the Palm.

You may find that a Palm with max memory becomes an indispensable part of
everyday life once acquired. Learning curve is a week, maximum, and the
Palms continually surprise with their power. There are literally 10s of
1,000s of applications available out there.
Regarding your topic, I have been using the Palm III for two years now
and very much appriciated it when I had my previous job, because taking
all my dates, contacts as well as some Internet stuff downloaded with
AvantGo with me on my way home or for the evening was always great. For
one year now I am a home-based business and mainly use the device when I
am on the road. Seeing the PDA as a satellite to your PC was always the
main attraction for me. That implies, that there is not much use for it
for people without a PC (the have no backup...) and if you are never
leaving your PC you wouldn't need one too.

OTOH, I read some very interesting things about the PalmOpen (or
PalmSource?) conference which happened lately. There are obviously great
things to come (as well as a bunch of new expandable devices from Palm
itself) - but noone is sure about the direction.
I have a Palm IIIXE and I love it.  Trouble is I've dropped it three times.
Get the belt holster and the extended warrantee.  Other than that, it's a
dream.  I use Aportis to get PDF's on it, for reading and Franklin Planner
software for contacts, schedule, etc.
I have a Palm Vx and absolutely love it. My husband has the same model and
feels the same way. Trying to keep track of work schedules, family and my
teenager's activities, not to mention phone numbers, etc....all in one
place. It seems to last for weeks without a recharge.
I've been very pleased with my IIIxe.
The Palm IIIxe is great; it beams and has 8 megs of ram.  The  Handspring
Visor deluxe also has 8 megs of ram but has an expansion slot.  For the
basics the Palm IIIxe is fine.  The issues w/ Handspring is that the O/S on
it is NOT upgradeable.  It all depends on what you want to use it

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
716 659-8267

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