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Manuals on the Internet/Extranet

Hi Framers

We are contemplating putting all our manuals on the Internet/Extranet. We
use an NT server and MS Internet Explorer. 

Today the manuals are in the .pdf format. A coming format may be XML. The
scenario is that each customer should get a password to a specific file or a
directory enabling him to open and download the manual. We
even consider having the passwords expire after for example a month. If the
customer wants additional support he can buy additional information service,
that is get a new password which enables him to see and download the new
manuals for an additional period of time.

Does any of you have knowledge of a web publishing tools with easy
management of password protection?

Our IT department claims that it takes a full time web master to manage the
web and the password subscriptions. We hope to keep it simple and easily

Best Regards

Verner Andersen
Technical Writer
BARCO AS/Communication Systems
Phone: +45 39170866
Fax: +45 39170010

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