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FW: Tool for creating customer-specific manuals

> Hi there
> We use FrameMaker 5.5.6 for Windows. Do you know of a tool for making
> customer-specific manuals ind the pdf-format.
> The idea is that the order department generates the customer-specific pdf
> file from a list of Framemaker files. I would prefer a standard solution,
> a tool which is used by many people and which will be regularly updated. 
> I have seen a demonstration of a tool made for a specific customer, but
> would like to know whether there are standard tools available. The tool
> works as follows. The documentation department creates one file for each
> option which the customer can buy. The order department makes the
> customer-specific manual very much like when we use the FrameMaker book
> function. With this tool you even can add or remove specific sections to a
> chapter/option description. This means that each customer receives a
> manual describing the options that he has bought. I believe that the tool
> calls Framemaker, genrates the book and creates the pdf file. 
> Best Regards
> Verner Andersen
> Technical Writer
> BARCO AS/Communication Systems
> Phone: +45 39170866
> Fax: +45 39170010
> Mailto:verner.andersen@barco.com
> www.barco.com

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