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RE: Full Shot

I don't know about Full Shot, but there are a 
pair of programs from Creative Softworx that 
should fit the bill. Screen Capture Pro and 
its Lite version let you capture just about any 
part of any computer screen -- whole screen, 
window, toolbar, client area, menu, you name it -- 
with toolbar buttons in the program, a capture 
wizard, or customizable key shortcuts. AND it's
scriptable and has macros! The Pro version is 
about $40 for a single license; the price-per-
license drops significantly the more licenses 
you get. The Lite version costs even less. Check 
out the demos at www.creativesoftworx.com. We 
ended up getting a twenty-license pack of the 
Pro version, and it's getting used by people in 
engineering, QA, tech support, marketing, sales, 
and anyone who does training. 

Ananda Stevens

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