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the Zen of program crashes...

{or, guru meditation numbers all around...}

Typed in a big long bunch of Java code in Frame, 
since I don't have my Java IDE installed yet. 
"System.out.println" lines are about 25% of the 
code. So that quickly got abbreviated to SOP for
a later search-and-replace. 

Got to the spell check and search-and-replace 
phrase. Had the usual interesting time with the 
spell checker -- how can you get it to ignore 
a "(" character immediately following a word and 
still get it to spell check the word? Started the 
search-and-replace for SOP in mid-file. Near the 
end of the file is the following line:
	SOP("Fatal error. Ending Program.");

So I replace SOP with System.out.println, hit 
the return key, and what happens?????

"Frame has detected a serious error and must quit."

It's time to go home.

--Ananda Stevens

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