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Topic summaries

Hello everyone,

I hope many of you have benefitted from the SUMMARY reports recently
submitted by Christopher Bey ("SUMMARY - Adding new tags to TOC list -
how?") and Susan Arbing ("SUMMARY and thanks: Changing the colour of
bullets and numbers"). I even had a brief chat with Chris who said he was
new to the list and was just following the instructions to post a summary!!
And what a well-constructed, useful summary it is. 

There are still many topics that come up on the list, get resolved behind
the scenes (correspondence off list) - and then are never heard from again.
Sometimes responses on-list are not always accurate. But a new FM user
might not know this. A summary statement can clarify what the successful
answers are. Summary statements on this list are a great way to collect
tips and tricks items and generate articles for InFrame, etc. I encourage
everyone on the list to remember to summarize the successful results of
your question(s). There are many hundreds of "lurkers" on the list and many
newcomers to FM who are learning.

Also, I would like to see the list make more references to  the many good
InFrame (http://www.inframe-mag.com/index.html) articles as much as
possible when responding to questions. This is a great resource. Some
people are putting a lot of personal time into providing this resource. And
there is an increasing number of repeated questions from newcomers.

Thanks and keep up the good communication.


Peter Spicer                  Senior Technical Writer / Course Developer
IBM / Tivoli Security Business Unit   Santa Cruz, CA   831-460-3679

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