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Re: FW: More on Imported Graphics in PDF Files

What Bill describes will work.  

However, I would suggest cropping within Acrobat.  Within Acrobat
Exchange 3.x (and I presume the new 4.x Full Version "Acrobat"), there
is a CROP tool.

1) Copy your PDF to a "junk" copy.  You will destroy it.

2) Use the menus at the top: Document... Crop Pages...

   You can crop all pages or one or more pages.

3) Then use the EPS/PS export PLUGIN (for Exchange 3.x, at least, you
have to get this plugin from the Adobe downloads site) to export the
desired item as EPS.

4) If you save your PDF file after you have done a crop, you MAY
"destroy" the usefulness of the file for making other crops in that
file.  My fingers have been trained to save constantly, thus I *always*
work with a backup copy.

NOTE that this technique does not use Photoshop to do the cropping, thus
easier, faster, and less work.  I suspect that opening such an EPS file
in PhotoShop will result in "rasterization" of previously vector objects
-- not a good thing.  You could also try opening such an eps in
Illustrator, however, I have not tested that.


Bill Fetzner wrote:
> > I just spent some time working on this very issue today and here is what I
> > found worked. Read the pdf with Acrobat Exchange. From Exchange, export to
> > an eps file (maybe to a ps file would work too). Then read the eps in
> > Photoshop. The read in Photoshop took eons, but it was well worth the
> > wait. The Photoshop image appeared to be as good as the original printable
> > image (not a screen image) and you could do whatever you wanted with it,
> > such as crop, etc. So if you have a page full of images in the original
> > pdf, after going through this process and cropping here, cropping there,
> > you're left with all the images you might possibly want from the original
> > pdf.

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> > From:         Charles Lucas
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> > Cc:   Atticus Fisher; Todd Cooper
> > Subject:      More on Imported Graphics in PDF Files
> >
> > While on the subject of graphics in PDF files, I cannot copy an image from
> >
> > a PDF file to Word or even back to Frame. I can only select and copy text
> > from PDF, unless I use a screen capturing tool, like SnagIt.
> > Is this the only way to select and copy an image from a PDF file?
> >
> > Clucas@prioritycall.com
> >
> >

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