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RE: Symbols

>> Are there any commonly-accepted symbols for the following?  
>> 1. "Here's some more detailed information, ....
>> 2. "Here's some really technical stuff ....

> I'd say start a convention by what you and your 
> developers think best fits these information types 
> and stick with it as a standard. 

Yes, but *which* symbols would be good for that? 
Our readers range from relative neophytes with "basic" 
questions to experts with downright esoteric questions. 
What types of symbols are used to distinguish beginner/
intermediate/advanced level materials? 

Currently, we use the (i) in a circle for informational
notes, a page icon for examples, and a <!> in a triangle
for warnings. The icons are in anchored frames, and we 
use AutoText and/or FrameScript to set them up. The 
warning paragraphs are also set off by lines above and
below their text. 

--Ananda Stevens

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