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Re: Does FM support vertical justification (aka "feathering)?


Though it creates an override situation, you could select the relevant
paragraphs and Apply ONLY a slightly small space before/after paragraph
and/or the line height.

If your document is one that will be later modified and republished, you
might wish to a) make a VIRGIN-WITHOUT-OVERRIDES backup and b) then
apply the overrides.  Then, for the NEXT edition of the document, you
would start over using the VIRGIN version.


Mike Tatro wrote:
> Friends-
> I posted this just before the Holidays and didn't get an answer, so I
> thought I'd repost it in case someone who can answer this was offline.
> PROBLEM: I have lots of really small orphan components (typically a single
> paragraph) that appear like they should fit on the previous page. As a
> reality check, I've physically measured the hardcopy pages and verified that
> there is seemingly enough room on the previous page for these orphan
> components. I've also checked and double-checked component pagination
> settings, manually removed space before, tried various "keep with" settings
> (unsetting them, mostly), all to no avail. As you can imagine, this looks
> REALLY tacky and (needlessly) increases the page count of my manual.
> My "Body" para settings have the "keep with" options all unset, 6 pts of
> leading before the component, 0 pts leading after, "start anywhere", etc.
> You know, all the obvious stuff.
> Interleaf provided "vertical justification" settings at the page level,
> which basically told the software, "you can add or delete this much white
> space (expressed as a percentage of page height) in order to eliminate
> orphan components." I cannot find anything like this in FM. It seems like an
> obvious oversight for a "world class long document publishing tool." In
> fact, so obvious, that I suspect I haven't looked in the right spot. BTW,
> yes I did in fact "RTFM."
> Thanks in advance.
> Warmest Regards,
> Michael L. Tatro
> Documentation Manager
> V-Systems, Inc.
> tatro@vsi.com

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