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publishing to Palm Pilots

One of our SEs has floated the idea of publishing our documentation to
hand held platforms such as the Palm Pilot. This would be in addition
to what we already do (print, PDF and HTML). Has anyone thought about
going down this road? Is there a PDF reader for the Palm OS? How many
MBytes can you stuff into one of these? Is online updating a
possibilty? Why is this better than reading the PDF on the notebook
the SE already has?
BTW, I've been using a Palm Pilot II for about 2 years now and love it
(it's organized my life) but I am understandably skeptical about it as
a publishing medium. Am I behind the times?
Any experience/wisdom/insights would be appreciated.
                              Alex Ragen
       Certification and Technical Publications Manager
                Check Point Software Technologies
                    WE SECURE THE INTERNET
         phone:+972 3 753 4552; fax:+972 3 575 9256

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