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RE: tags in tables/building blocs for letters

Barbara asked:
1. The  titles in the toc in my document are not generated in order. The
first Heading 2 in the chapter toc appears before the heading one (the
chapter title). It looks like this:
Heading 2
Chapter 1: blah blah
Heading 2
Heading 2

The style for heading one in this document is in a table row. Could this be
causing the problem?

I think it's a problem with your autonumber series label. If Heading 2 is
labelled H:<n+> and Chapter 1 is labelled C:<n+> (ignoring all the
convolutions of autonumber strings and series), then they are totally
unrelated series. You could end up with:

Heading2	1
Heading2	2
Chapter 1	1
Heading2	3
Chapter1	2
Heading2	4

and so on.

2. I am trying to format a TOC that has chapter numbers and letters (chapter
1, appendix A). I am using the building block <$paranumonly> in the
reference page of the TOC so that the numbers will be included in the
chapter  titles automatically. Is there a building block I can use for
letters, so that, it will generate titles like Appendix A automatically?

The building block <$paranumonly> picks up all autonumbered strings for any
paragraph tags you told the book file/TOC file to include in the TOC. 
Check the Set Up File info for the TOC file and make sure that you've
included your appendix heading paratags in the list of tags to be included
in the TOC.  (Note that if you use a different paratag for your appendix
headings than your chapter headings, you will have two matching TOC paratags
-- ChapterTOC and AppendixTOC -- even though we humans think of them as the
same thing until trained out of it by computers.

Good luck!
Deborah Snavely
Interim documentation manager, Aurigin Systems, Inc.

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