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From Access database to MIF

I have a question about moving information from an Access database into
FrameMaker.  I was told by a tech support rep at Adobe that the FrameMaker
developers kit could be used to create a filter for an Access database that
would "wrap MIF around the information coming in from the database,"
(assigning formatting to it, for example) so that the database could
essentially "populate" a FrameMaker document.

Does this indeed sound like a feasible approach?

What we're trying to do is create a Core Content Inventory from the data
definitions in our data warehouse that we could publish for internal and
external users of our data warehousing services.  We are always adding new
content to our data warehouse and refining existing data.  Therefore, we
need a process that would enable us to keep the information current and
re-publish the document (or web site, or help file) as needed when the
content changed.

>From looking over the information on mif2go, it sounds like that product
would help us once we got the information into MIF, but what we need is a
relatively painless way of getting the information into MIF, and changing it
as necessary.


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