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RE: Proprietary Templates?

My argument would be that the mif (and even the binary) template file is essentially the "code" for the creation of a set of formatting rules. Thus a particular template would be something you could copyright like any other bit of software code. You are copyrighting the expression of a series of formatting rules that are encoded in the template file. (This is separate from the copyright to FrameMaker itself which is owned by Adobe and licensed to us.)

It is also my understanding that things are not automatically copyrighted, as some respondents have assumed, but that you have to state that they are copyrighted. Thus my suggestion to put this statement on the reference page.

I haven't looked closely at this for some years. It used to be that you had to formally submit the item to be copyrighted in order to obtain such protection. Last time I checked it out you merely had to state the fact that this thing was copyrighted (within the object/expression to be copyrighted and give the year(s) of creation. I think the assumption that you have the copyright without stating it within the object to be copyrighted is incorrect.

Consult a copyright authority for the real scoop.

Craig Ede
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>>> Dan Emory <danemory@primenet.com> 01/03/00 02:41PM >>>
I agree with Bill Fetzner that an ordinary FrameMaker template is not
copyrightable or trademarkable, nor is it likely that one coult be patented.

There is, however, he development of a unique DTD/EDD (with comprehensive
format rules and an accompanying template for implementing that formatting)
might be copyrightable or patentable. Any opinions on that?
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