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Re: Proprietary Templates?

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My two cents....

As several people have noted, "recycling" the template (isn't that a nice 90's kinda way of putting it??) is definitely unethical. 

That being said, let's assume that the original template was of such beauty and perfection that it might have been created by a modern day Monet. Obviously there are reasons to want to use it.

One option so that you can use this piece of artistry would be to write the original owner, and ask permission to use the template. Offer to embed a copyright notice on the reference page that gives their company name, contact info, yadda, yadda, yadda. (Great suggestion, Craig!). Include a statement that the copyright notice cannot be removed without the original company's permission.

I often need to use proprietary artwork (logos, names, etc.) Only once was permission denied, and that was because I was wanting to use the wrong logo (the company sent the correct logo along with permission to use it). If the original company denies you the permission, then you just have to "bite the bullet" and create a new one.

Okay, so that was more like $1.24 than $0.02, but I wanted to make full use of my time.

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Rob Domaschuk
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Technical Writer, Boise Cascade Office Products

"Oh for a Muse of fire, that would ascend
  the brightest heaven of invention."
	- William Shakespeare

>>> "Colin Green" <cgreen@illuminet.com> 01/03/00 11:55AM >>>

Question. Can "templates" be proprietary? 

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