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Re: Proprietary Templates?

At 9:55 AM -0800 1/3/00, Colin Green wrote:
>I'm assuming that I need to create a template(s) specific to the
>look-and-feel of our company proper. This will require time and planning.
>However, I expect my boss to ask to me just to do the aforementioned
>"plagiarism". That is, remove the name and logo of the large company and
>run with their template. Is it legal? Is it ethical?

Hi Colin,

I think it's clearly unethical, especially because you say that the client
(larger company) developed these templates in the first place.

Is it legal? I don't know, but it smells like a lengthy lawsuit waiting to
happen. I'd suggest to your boss that the savings from "reusing" the
original templates are not worth the risk of legal action.


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