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tags in tables/building blocs for letters

I have two questions:

1. The  titles in the toc in my document are not generated in order. The
first Heading 2 in the chapter toc appears before the heading one (the
chapter title). It looks like this:
Heading 2
Chapter 1: blah blah
Heading 2
Heading 2

The style for heading one in this document is in a table row. Could this be
causing the problem?

2.I am trying to format a TOC that has chapter numbers and letters (chapter
1, appendix A). I am using the building block <$paranumonly> in the
reference page of the TOC so that the numbers will be included in the
chapter  titles automatically. Is there a building block I can use for
letters, so that, it will generate titles like Appendix A automatically?


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